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We will never forget that our origins are in Bean to Bar Chocolate (B.T.B.).


We started B.T.B. around 2014 and learned a lot from the coffee world, including cacao roasting methods, tasting methods, and distribution. We learned a lot from the coffee world, including the use of coffee roasters to roast cacao.


The idea of "Coffee & Chocolate" was born out of this.

In addition to the similarities in the fermentation and drying processes in the producing areas and the roasting methods, there are also many similarities and affinities in the flavors and tastes.


The new project "SATURDAYS Coffee Roasters" was started.


When we create a coffee, we taste it with a piece of chocolate and tune the roasting and blending. This pairing creates an expansive and complementary relationship between the flavors of coffee and chocolate.


"Chocolate to make coffee more delicious to drink."

"Coffee to make chocolate taste better."


We challenge the new world of COFFEE that only we can create. 



Mission is like making chocolate


 "Make HAPPY with - " 

"Make HAPPY with a cup of coffee, coffee that leads to the future."


At this moment, drinking a cup of coffee from SATURDAYS Coffee Roasters will change the future.

That's what we aim for.


We use coffee beans from suppliers that are friendly to the earth, are traded at a fair price, and contribute to their production areas by creating jobs.


For example, GOOD COFFEE FARMS ( in Guatemala, "Change the world with coffee." and its vision is to be sustainable for producers, consumers, and nature.


The company is working on unique initiatives such as "dry bicycle pulping," which allows small-scale farmers to process their products by bicycle.


We have continued to use their coffee beans since 2019. 


In order to deliver the thoughts of the producers delivered in this way to as many people as possible,

We will spare no effort to produce "delicious coffee" to deliver the thoughts of the producers to as many people as possible.


We also deliver our coffee at an affordable price so that everyone can enjoy "HAPPY COFFEE".


A single cup of coffee today will make everyone happy for decades to come.

This is what we want you to experience. 



"Protecting the producers and our future,

Coffee that makes it possible for the next generation to have good coffee."


We believe that even if a production is environmentally friendly, it is not sustainable if it is not for the producers.

What we can do is to maximize the added value of their efforts.


To do this, we continue to use the same beans as much as possible and improve our techniques to bring out new charms in our coffee.

Coffee & Chocolate" pairings, single-origin after-blends, and other innovative creations that continue to surprise and happy our customers.


SATURDAYS Coffee Roasters,

We are committed to creating a better future by making choices that enrich both the coffee drinkers and the local coffee growers.


We are committed to connecting the many people who are connected by coffee with "HAPPY".

Happiness spreads like a ripple.

We looking forward to that future!


We hope that COFFEE LOVERS all over the world will be able to spend their days with abundance and contentment.


SATURDAYS Coffee Roasters

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