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Recruit / Recruitment

Saturdays is always looking for staff to work in our cafe and workshop.


(Chocolate and Sweets Department) Interested in chocolate? Those who want to work as a pastry chef.

(Café) Interested in coffee in general and coffee roasting. Want to work in a café.

Those who are interested in connecting with the world, SDG'S, social trade, social contribution, etc.


If you would like to make Saturdays more interesting by utilizing what you have learned, your skills you have developed, and your driving force of curiosity about chocolate and coffee, come and work with us.

We have employees, freelancers, students, housewives, and other staff members who work according to their own styles.



Café: Cooking and serving café menu, menu development, and customer service such as sales

Factory: Production and development of chocolates and confectionery


Workplace】 【Workplace

SATURDAYS ChocolateFactory &Cafe (main store)

SATURDAYS Stand (Stellar Place Sapporo)


Labor contract】 【Content of labor contract

Employees and part-time workers


Working Conditions

Working hours and wages vary depending on the type of job, background, desired position, and type of labor contract.

Please feel free to contact us.


How to contact us

Please send us an e-mail using the application format below, indicating your name, e-mail address, and the type of job for which you are applying. You may also call or e-mail us directly.

SATADAYS Job Application Format

Phone number


Email Address

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