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GOOD DAY blend -Medium roast


SATURDAYS' standard home-roasted coffee.

It fits any occasion in your daily life,

A mild blend with a light and well-balanced taste that fits any occasion.

Fruity ●●●○○

   Bitter ●●○○○

   Light ●●●○○

   Rich ●●○○○

Recommended pairing chocolate is Ghana64

When in doubt, this is the one. If in doubt, this is the one.

Ghana 64 has a cocoa and nutty flavor with a honey floral note.

It is a well-balanced combination that is perfect for trying.




〇Name: Regular coffee (bean/powder)

〇 Ingredient name: Coffee beans (green bean producing countries: Guatemala, Brazil, Tanzania)


〇Contents: (1 bag of 100g bean / 1 bag of 12g drip bag)

〇 Expiration Date: Indicated on the bottom

〇Preservation Method: Keep in a cool place away from high temperatures and high humidity

〇Manufacturer: SATADAYS Corporation, 327-9, Minami 2-jo Nishi 11-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Japan 011-208-3000

Coffee(Good Day Brend)

Sales Tax Included
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