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THE HOKKAIDO / The Hokkaido


A recommended set of 5 pieces combining bean-to-bar and Hokkaido ingredients.

This set of half-bar (25g) chocolates includes the White Series made with Hokkaido milk, as well as an assortment of new seasonal items and standard items.



Almond & Hokkaido Salt (HB25g)

Hokkaido White W-Strawberry (HB25g)

Hokkaido White Tokachi Kinako (HB25g)

Hokkaido Milk - Togo 55 Japanese Hakka (HB25g)

Hokkaido Milk - Uganda 60 Special - Vanilla (HB25g)


Packaged in a box


*Milk, almonds, and soybeans are used as part of the product.

*The set photo is an image. Set contents vary depending on the season.

Assorted Half Bars Set / THE HOKKAIDO

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