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A milk chocolate made from deeply roasted cocoa-nutty Togo cacao mixed with Hokkaido milk powder for a palate of a grown up. It feels like a gianduja with hazelnuts. The bitterness that remains at the end tightens the chocolate.


*Size can be selected.


Cacao origin: Togo, Plateau week Parime city

Cacao content: 55

Variety: Ameronado (one of the Forastero varieties)

Ingredients: Cacao beans, cane sugar, cacao butter, skimmed milk powder


*Part of product contains dairy ingredients

Content : 1 piece, full size 55g, half size 25g (in a hard case)

Expiration date : Up to 180 days from manufacture

Storage method : Keep in a cool place away from high temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight.




Hokkaido Milk TOGO 55 (25g,55g) -

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  • Product images are for illustrative purposes only. The wrapping paper may be one of a kind depending on the chocolate. In such cases, the design may differ from the image.

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