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Liquidambar Farm, Guatemala


SATURDAYS' home-roasted specialty coffee.

Lemon peel and muscat,

You can enjoy the fresh fruitiness like white wine.


Fruity ●●●●●

   Bitter ○○○○○

   Light ●●●●○

   Rich ●○○○○


coffee roaster's comment


This is a light roast of coffee beans from Likidambar Estate.

We roasted it as shallow as possible so that you can enjoy its beautiful acidity.

The coffee is fresh like lemon or muscat, and clear and beautiful. We hope you enjoy it.


A good match for chocolate is India 68 Light fruitiness dances together with it.


〇 Regular Coffee (Bean / Drip Pack)

〇 Ingredients: Coffee beans (green bean producing country: Guatemala)


〇 Contents: (1 bag of 100g bean / 1 bag of 12g drip pack)

〇 Expiration date: Indicated on the bottom of the package

〇 Storage method: Keep in a cool place away from high temperatures and humidity

〇 Manufacturer: Sataday's Corporation, 327-9, Minami 2-jo Nishi 11-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Japan 011-208-3000

Coffee(Summer Citrus)

Sales Tax Included
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