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Bitter Smooth blend


Bitter and sharp taste.

You can also add milk or sugar for a richer taste.


Fruity ○○○○○

   Bitter ●●●●●

   Light ○○○○○

   Rich ●●●●●



coffee roaster's comment


This coffee has a strong bitterness, sweetness, and a buttery oiliness.

A small amount of Robusta has been added to express the unique bitterness and astringency that cannot be expressed only by the depth of roasting.


The paired chocolate is Ghana 70

This pure series is made with only cacao and light brown sugar.

The chocolate is moderately sweet, so you will notice the sweetness in the bitterness.

It is the perfect combination for a coffee break while studying or working.




〇 Name: Regular Coffee (Bean / Drip pack)

〇 Ingredients: Coffee beans (green bean producing countries: Guatemala, Brazil, Tanzania)


〇 Contents: (1 box of beans, 100g bag / 1 drip pack, 10g bag)

〇Expiration date: indicated on the bottom of the package

〇Storage method: keep in a cool place away from high temperatures and high humidity

〇Manufacturer: Sataday's Corporation, 327-9, Minami 2-jo Nishi 11-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Japan 011-208-3000

Coffee(Bitter Smooth Brend )

Sales Tax Included
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