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This is a mug with the original logo that is also used in Saturdays' cafes.

The thick shape makes it easy to hold, easy to drink from, and does not get cold easily!

Delivered in a box.


Capacity : 280ml

Size : Bore 87mm x Bottom 75mm x Height 90mm

Material : Ceramic

Made in Japan

Original Mug Cup

Sales Tax Included
  • The microwave oven cannot be used due to the use of gold foil in the logo.

    When cleaning, wash with kitchen detergent on a soft sponge or cloth, drain well, and dry.

    If cracks or chips appear, please stop using the product immediately.

  • Please note that there may be slight individual differences such as uneven coloring due to the glaze and changes in color during firing. Also, black spots and pinholes (small holes) may appear during the firing process, but there is no problem with the quality.

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